Major Infrastructure Project Bid and Presentation Coaching

Louise Silburn is well known as a specialist bid coach working in the infrastructure industry. She is regularly approached to support teams through each stage of the bid process and has coached over 50 teams to be the best they can be as they go through each stage from initial team alignment to selection.

Transforming Partnerships’ bid coaching approach is strategic, fun, focused and outcome driven. We are pragmatic about what you can achieve in the time available and authentic in how we develop your people and inspire them to be confident and assured in their presentations and interactions.

We ensure your team is

  • client centred
  • clear on strategic win themes
  • offering the right team for the project
  • presenting well
  • approaching interactive selection workshops aligned and most importantly

We have recently worked with a range of clients, from small teams presenting over video to large teams presenting to over a hundred people from the client organisation. For each one, Louise focused on ensuring the bid strategy was clear, the visual aids were specific and meaningful and that the individual presenters were focused on building a trusting relationship with the audience. This coaching has been universally appreciated and makes a significant difference to the way in which presentations are received.

This process created a sense of accountability and real leadership which would not have happened if we'd not been driven to meet by Louise our coach. There were some difficult 'aha' moments when we realised things we'd committed to had not been done and we quickly redressed them. It helped build confidence in the team and put right practical problems that were inhibiting the development of the bid.
Pre-contracts manager, national construction company