Conference and Workshop Facilitation

Louise has been facilitating conferences and workshops for over 30 years. She designs a process and structure for the session which meets the needs of you the client, while ensuring the work is engaging and enjoyable for participants. Her aim for any conference or workshop is for participants to understand the purpose of the day, they can contribute, they feel connected to other participants, and they leave thinking their time was well spent.

Over the past 18 months, she has been designing and running online workshops for video conferencing. Using interactive collaboration tools and break out groups, Louise ensures the experience of participating in an online workshops is as lively and relationship based as those that are run in person.

I know that every time Louise is engaged to run a session for us that participants will give incredible feedback at the end. I also note the lasting impact of these workshops – with staff aligning behind common themes that were discussed and engaging more with other parts of the organisation.
Program Director, Infrastructure Industry

The strategic planning workshop roll out involved our whole organisation and engaged at every level. Our board was delighted with the visionary approach and enrolment of staff in its delivery. Louise helped us think it through and designed workshops that were enjoyable and highly effective
Mid-sized national not-for-profit organisation