Building effective teams and strong leaders

Louise believes that a strong team has the capacity to achieve far more than groups of individuals. As an expert in team development and high performance, Louise supports the building of new teams and realignment or re-energising of existing ones.

Our team sessions are structured around building trusting teams that share common goals and a sense of purpose. The sessions are fun, energising and use the team’s real issues and content to be relevant and applicable in practice.

Louise is regularly engaged to provide team coaching during a team’s own meetings, where she sits in the session and provides space for members to observe the group process and understand what is happening in the moment. This helps each team member understand how best to support the other and hold each other to account. She supports that dynamic and observes what is happening in the group as changes occur. This process is sometimes uncomfortable, but feedback is positive.

Generally, team coaching is commissioned for senior teams at executive and board level but can be beneficial to operational teams too.

Louise works extremely well developing project delivery teams, particularly in joint venture/alliance projects where team members come from different companies and work cultures. Her methods work well. Louise is well regarded by all parties in the project. In my opinion, Louise is one of the best professional coaches working in our industry.
Alliance Leadership Team member.

Louise is one of the best facilitators both during the bid phase and at kick-off of a program or project. Key outcomes for us have been the development of highly motivated high-performance teams. Feedback from workshops and coaching sessions is always positive.

Louise's work with the Board brought a common, underlying theme to the fore and she facilitated discussions that we couldn’t have on our own. This provided a springboard for results we couldn’t have conceived of a few months earlier.
Managing Director, Engineering Company