Transforming Partnerships blends the business rigour of management consulting with the people focus of executive coaching. This combination removes the roadblocks to success and helps organisations build powerful teams that achieve great results.

The foundation of Louise’s approach is:

Engaging with leaders emotionally to model the ideal working relationships: high trust, high challenge and focused on outcomes and accountability.

Ensuring their teams are driven by similarly high trust, high challenge, outcome focused behaviours centred on achieving a clear set of shared objectives.

Guiding teams to direct their new-found energy into delivering outstanding results.

Building teams with the strength and courage in the creative and sometimes difficult discussions required to ensure a common outcome and to generously support each other to perform.

I had the pleasure of working with Louise on the Alliance. Louise played a pivotal role in facilitating our development and coached the various personalities involved, to form a very effective and high-performance team. Given that this was a fast-track, high-value Alliance, it would have been a challenge for any service provider to have helped guide and develop a high-performing team, while working under considerable pressure and in such a short time. Louise did so with considerable grace, professionalism, and humour!
Alliance Management Team member