If Louise didn't get results, We wouldn't keep coming back...she delivers!
Alliance Management Team Member NSW Rail Infrastructure Project

Welcome to Transforming Partnerships


We coach diverse individuals, organisations and teams to develop clear plans and accountabilities, and the courage and enthusiasm to make them happen. We do this by:

Engaging with leaders to model the ideal working relationships: high trust, high challenge and focused on outcomes and accountability.

Ensuring their teams are driven by similarly high trust, high challenge, outcome focused behaviours centred on achieving a clear set of shared objectives.

Guiding teams to direct their new-found energy into delivering outstanding results.

Building teams with the strength and courage in the creative and sometimes difficult discussions required to ensure a common outcome and to generously support each other to perform.

Transforming Partnerships blends the business rigour of management consulting with the people focus of executive coaching to remove the roadblocks to success and help organisations build powerful teams that achieve great results.

Organisations and project teams are often surprised when they can't deliver the results they want. They've got the technical skills, so what's gone wrong?

Often, the cause is poor relationships and a lack of shared understanding of the results they are trying to achieve. Poor listening skills, inability to build on ideas and lack of courage to call others to account are likely to be the factors present when organisations and teams are not realising their potential. These and inability to articulate goals and objectives, often block capacity to deliver. That's where Transforming Partnerships can make a crucial difference.