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Strategic planning that delivers results

Transforming Partnerships has considerable experience designing and running workshops that "nail down" an organisation's or project's vision, objectives and action plans. These workshops also build understanding in the teams that the only way plans will come to fruition is by paying attention to relationships.

Transforming Partnerships works with teams on areas that block their capacity to deliver: poor listening skills, inability to build on ideas, lack of courage in challenging and calling others to account.

Planning workshops range from 10 to 100 participants and last from a few hours to several days. We use graphic recording and professional writers to ensure the reports are accurate and engaging.

"How often do you hear your teams sigh at the idea of attending 'yet another' strategic planning event? But if they are run with imagination, such events can unlock their creativity, encourage people with sound experience to speak up and provide suggestions and catalyse a group’s ideas into powerful objectives.

We use a range of techniques to engage groups in strategic planning events and carefully plan and follow up to ensure the investment in one or two days is maximised." Louise Silburn

Over the last 10 years Transforming Partnerships has facilitated strategic planning in healthcare, the arts, construction and transport services, local government, accounting and legal partnerships.

Each session is different: an orchestra has different needs to a healthcare organisation, but the results are always the same - clear plans, clear accountability and a renewed
enthusiasm to pursue agreement to make the plan

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