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Transforming Partnerships offers six core services, all of which are aimed at building healthy, effective teams and strong leaders. Please click on the links below to read more.

Those of us working in Transforming Partnerships have had many roles in our working lives. We have worked on the front line, been senior managers in a wide range organisations and have coached and consulted on a range of projects. The services we offer now are the ones for which we feel the most affinity and can make the most impact. They are services which fit well in complex and changing environments.

What I liked about working with Louise is not only that I could sleep at night knowing she was on board but that she would challenge fuzzy thinking and 'almost good enough' planning to push for better solutions every time. I recommend Louise for any challenging cultural change program, strategic planning or in-depth review of performance
Qantas Executive

"Leaders work most effectively with coaches and consultants who present them with challenging and rigorous questions, engage them emotionally and retain a sense of lightness and even humour when the going gets tough."