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  • Louise Silburn

    Louise has made a significant difference to the culture of our organisation. She was great in the bid phase and during project set up ensured we had the right behaivours to succeed. Project Director,  Infrastructure Program

    Coaching, change management and facilitation

    Louise Silburn is an inspirational facilitator and team coach who has the strength and flexibility to manage tension and divergent interests in group coaching and the skills to support teams as they work out ways to move through discomfort to high performance. Louise is an experienced management consultant, facilitator and coach with a reputation as trusted advisor to leaders of complex organisations working at the boundaries of the public and private sector. Known for delivering results in infrastructure and transport delivery. These results arise from coaching conversations that provide insight into individual strengths and weaknesses and motivation to take risks to develop trusting relationships (the cornerstones of high performance). Major areas of expertise include the facilitation of collaborative working, change - management and organisational development, strategic planning and conference /workshop facilitation, development of high performance teams, design and delivery of leadership programs, executive coaching.

  • Vicki Henricks

    Our People Vicki Henricks

    Vicki's guidance and assistance in effective communication, awareness of self and environment, and immersion in the learning process has enabled us as owners to grow as leaders, and taken our business to levels we initially never dreamed possible.
    MD Expanding International Engineering Company

    Coaching, change management and facilitation

    Vicki lives in Byron Bay, Northern NSW and has consulted on many organisational change programs for over 25 years in a variety of settings and locations. She has coached, supported and guided many organisations and businesses in developing teamwork, succession planning, handling mergers and takeovers, and managing conflict. She has experience in engineering and construction, water resources, environmental organisations, local government and health, including Aboriginal health.

    Vicki is also the Director of the Global Coaching Institute which delivers organisational coach training. She assists managers and supervisors to develop their coaching skills and to create a coaching culture throughout organisations. Vicki offers a refreshing approach to handling difficult conversations and conflict, viewing these situations as a catalyst for positive change.

    Vicki is well known for her down to earth, democratic, supportive style and her ability to facilitate authentic dialogue to enhance teamwork. She is outcomes focussed and process driven, and has the capacity to facilitate change as environmental factors, disruptions, new goals and information emerge.

    Prior to establishing her private coaching consultancy she was the Program Director of the Centre for Strategic Leaders, a joint venture between the QLD Government and Price Waterhouse Coopers, offering post graduate leadership courses across Australia.

    Vicki is a Certified Level 3 Organisational Coach (Institute of Executive Coaching, Sydney), has an MA in Process Oriented Psychology, Dip PW, a Graduate Diploma In Business Administration, BA and Certificate IV in Workplace Training. She is accredited in Myers Briggs Type Indicator, Hall Toner Values Index and the Magerison Mc Cann Team Management Index.

  • Jo McAlpine

    Our People Jo McAlpine

    Jo is a fabulous facilitator and coach who has a great blend of warmth and compassion as well as a deep commitment to holding people accountable for achieving their potential."
    Head of Organisational Capability,

    Executive and team coaching, facilitation and change management

    Jo is a Facilitator, Coach, Designer and Mentor. Since 1999 she has worked extensively across the financial services, infrastructure, consumer electronics, education, medicine, law, insurance, publishing and government agencies.

    Jo is experienced in facilitating high performance team workshops that focus on teams developing clear vision, purpose, and values.

    Jo coaches senior and middle management in:

    • leadership effectiveness
    • manager as coach
    • skill and capability development such as powerful communication and relationship building that fosters trust, transparency and clear intention
    • Jo holds a Master of Education, a Master of Applied Science and a Graduate Diploma of Psychotherapy She has over 4000 hours of individual and group coaching experience and over 2500 hours of leadership facilitation.
  • Rod Robinson

    Our People Rod

    "Rod was excellent at listening to my concerns, and challenging my thought processes. He was empathetic to my difficulties in balancing my work and home life demands. Rod was calm and thoughtful. His coaching was a key factor in me achieving my initial goal of a promotion to a Department Head."
    Banking Executive

    Executive coaching, team coaching and change management

    Rod has a strong leadership background as a Commander in the Royal Australian Navy. In the ten years since leaving the navy he has developed a reputation as a highly experienced and insightful executive coach, both within the navy and in government and industry.

    In June 2015 Rod was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia for his work in driving culture change in the Royal Australian Navy. Rod was part of the team who conceived of and rolled out the New Generation Navy initiative. He therefore is highly skilled in change management and supporting very senior leaders in leading for cultural change.

    In addition to his experience with change management programs Rod is also skilled in the development of high performance teams and design and delivery of internal coaching programs and mentoring programs.

    In his one to one executive coaching one of Rod's main areas of focus is on leadership effectiveness through strategic thinking and people skills. Rod's coaching emphasises practical strategies that have been proven to create personal change, underpinned by theories drawn from business, psychology and adult learning.

    Clients are challenged to gain a greater awareness of their personal leadership style and its resulting impact on others. They are then supported to have the courage and determination to make the changes that will lead to sustainable, high performance results.

    Rod has post graduate qualifications in logistics management, finance and government administration. He has accreditations in Executive Coaching and Supervising Coach qualifications with the Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership, Australia and is a Member, International Coach Federation

  • Kelvyn Steggles

    Our People Kelvyn

    "It was a great session, exactly what I had hoped for in the balance of fun & challenging & the team are still talking about what they got out of it. As I had hoped, and always experience in working with Kelvyn, it was a very positive interaction.
    HR Director
    Environmental Consultancy

    Executive Coaching, Facilitation, Change Management, Leadership Development

    Kelvyn has extensive executive and management experience. He has held senior and executive positions in the financial services industry, and in worked in management consulting. For the last ten years Kelvyn's key areas of focus have been; helping individuals realise their potential, leadership of change, building team cohesion, raising awareness of the impact our behaviours have on others and in the development of Executive Presence.

    Kelvyn draws on a wealth of practical experience in delivering leadership development initiatives. His knowledge and experience of business allows him to tailor solutions to meet the needs of organisations and individuals by integrating consulting, facilitation and coaching, as appropriate. His delivery is highly energised, and he inspires individuals and teams to stretch themselves and achieve their potential.

    He has vast experience of:

    • Facilitating Change Leadership Training Programs
    • Designing and facilitating behaviours workshops for Program and Project Alliances
    • Designing, managing and delivering tailored leadership assessment and development centres
    • Designing and facilitating strategy and planning workshops, with high performance team and change related content
    • One to one coaching with Executives in private and public sector organisations

    Kelvyn has a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Henley Management College in UK, and is an accredited coach.