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Culture Change

line Increasingly over the last few years Louise and her team have been invited to bid for and run large projects focused on culture change or culture development. We work closely with the leadership of the organisation to ensure they understand the process for change, the way their leadership sets the culture and the way they can develop their people to manage through any transition. We use a mixture of facilitated small workshops, team coaching, one to one executive coaching and larger organisation - wide workshops and conferences. Our aim is to ensure the key leaders in the organisation are able to stand for and embed the culture long after we have moved on.


Proud to be associated with ongoing or recently completed projects

Our Clients

The focus of our business has developed and refined over the years to two main client groups; construction and engineering clients working with large infrastructure projects and health care clients. This page explains who we work with in those two groups and what we offer them.

Infrastructure Clients

Transforming Partnerships has become known in the infrastructure and construction industries for providing personalised and effective coaching to support project and program Alliances and collaborative design and construct projects.

Another large part of our work is bid coaching for companies trying to win large infrastructure jobs. As well as coaching proponent teams for alliances and other collaborative contracts, we have increasingly been working with very successful outcomes with PPP teams, construct only estimating teams and design and construct bid teams. For more detail on this see our page on Infrastructure projects bid coaching

A sample of our client portfolio in this industry is set out below: