Transforming Partnerships - Building relationships that mean business

We coach diverse individuals, organisations and teams to develop clear plans and accountabilities, along with the courage and enthusiasm to make them happen.

"I was part of a leadership team that asked for Louse's assistance in facilitating improvement in us as a team. Her strengths were her 'foundation processes' to take us through, her insight in her observations of our behaviours and her honesty in open feedback on those. I also found her flexible in adjusting her approach to the 'styles' of the team"
Director, NSW Government Agency

Our Approach

Transforming Partnerships uses coaching and consulting models pragmatically and sparingly. Used well, certain conceptual approaches simplify and focus our work with clients. Some of our favourites are set out below.


The Nadler and Tushman diagnostic model below is one tool we employ to determine if you are tackling the right issues. It shows four internal organisational elements which are in a state of dynamic equilibrium. If the organisation is to remain healthy, elements must change to accommodate shifts in other elements.

  Ken Wilber’s Integral Model has been influential in the design of our approach. Our core offerings fall into the four quadrants – working with individuals in executive coaching to find personal meaning, working with teams on interpersonal behaviours, developing organisational culture and helping with strategic planning and development of systems and processes.

 Patrick Lencioni's model of a dysfunctional team (below) is a very helpful starting point for creating high-performance teams. His book 'The Five Dysfunctions of Team' is a manual for a new CEO or Project Leader - and we know it strikes a chord with those who read it.