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Designing and running organisational change and development programs

Transforming Partnerships has run major change programs in:

  • Broadcasting
  • Arts organisations
  • Health and human services
  • Construction and transport services
  • Local government
  • Not for profits

The Nadler and Tushman diagnostic model on this page is one tool we employ to determine if you are tackling the right issues. It shows four internal organisational elements which are in a state of dynamic equilibrium. If the organisation is to remain healthy, elements must change to accommodate shifts in other elements. Transforming Partnerships ensures that leaders adapt to maintain equilibrium or to drive change.

"Louise was the primary person who delivered long term mentoring and coaching for a $650 million high profile infrastructure project. This involved diagnosing the problems with the existing organisational culture and key individuals, and recommending and implementing interventions. She succeeded in transforming management meetings and vastly improved team functionality and decisiveness. The training and coaching she delivered is of enduring benefit and she was a major contributor to the ultimate record-breaking achievements of the project. I look forward to the opportunity to involve Louise in future projects."
Alliance Leadership Team member

"I am often asked for advice on restructuring a team or organisation only to quickly discover that the culture is not strong enough to support it. At this point, I work with the leaders to identify the changes that will make a positive difference and to support the organisation to implement them." - Louise Silburn

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