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Customised Training

Our training is usually delivered as a customised part of a larger program of organisational or cultural development. However, we also provide stand-alone training. Our latest offering: Moving through the Marzipan, is developed specifically for women working in middle management jobs in technical and construction organisations in what is known as the 'marzipan layer'. This is the sticky middle slice of management where many women languish while majority male executive teams lament the lack of diversity at the top of their organisations. Although organisations are trying to address these issues at a structural and process level, this course helps aspiring women leaders actively manage the encultured challenge of unconscious and sometimes conscious bias if they are to be successful in male dominated organisations. The course covers issues that help women develop a mindset and behaviours that will maximise their potential including; understanding power, masculinity and leadership, developing self-confidence, optimising emotional intelligence, building communication skills, negotiating, understanding second generation gender bias and proactively managing your career. If you are interested in this course please contact Louise to discuss ways it can be run in your organisation.

Some of our most popular and effective training programs are:

  • manager as coach
  • effective meetings
  • conducting difficult conversations
  • communication skills
  • team leader training in high performance teams
  • managing stress and maintaining balance in high-performing teams

"It is sometimes the case that we go into a training room and are greeted by people who would really prefer not to be there. Watching them gradually engage and begin to enjoy themselves is very satisfying. We often get comments like 'I thought it would be a waste of time, but actually I found it really helpful. Thanks'. "

Our training is highly interactive. Although we call it training, it is really an extension of our group coaching approach. We provide models and approaches as a basis for discussion and practice. We work with participants to identify how best they can apply their new learning and we ensure that training programs are developed to allow for practice and review.