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Case Studies

As a result of the work with the CADE team, Transforming Partnerships was engaged to work with a community mental health team which was facing a number of internal challenges and changes in the scope of its service.

Louise used a mixture of approaches to help the team develop a more robust capacity from which to operate. This included a survey, initial interviews, a number of challenging facilitated group sessions, executive coaching, training in communication and constructive conversations.

Case Studies

Northern Sydney Central Coast Health - Area Mental Health Services

Service reviews and organisational development

Transforming Partnerships was commissioned to provide an options report on the status and possible way forward for delivering services to confused and disturbed elderly people. This project was complex due to the interdisciplinary nature of the CADE team, strong views held across different professional groups and debate about funding and governance issues.

Louise Silburn worked with key stakeholder groups and individual clinicians to determine what was working and what was inhibiting service improvement. She gently challenged habitual positions and put forward other possibilities. This allowed groups with different views to begin to see other perspectives and to collectively develop a plan for the future.

"The consulting process engaged all stakeholders to assess the issues and Louise facilitated a number of group discussions and stakeholder meetings to resolve a way forward that were satisfactory to all. Louise was subsequently engaged to carry out similar reviews and interventions in a number of other mental health services."
  Director of Operations North Sydney Mental Health Services

The key elements of the work with the community mental health team were:

  • a measurement of baseline and follow-up team factors (eg energy, pride, professionalism)
  • transformational workshops
  • development of a team vision and an action plan detailing behaviours that would no longer be tolerated
  • coaching of manager to support action plan