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Case Studies M7

One of the elements of each the workshops was to encourage the three teams to share feelings of concern and to talk about how they needed help to change the culture in their team. We did this by focusing on trust as a concept. How do you measure trust? How do you extend trust? How do you respond to trusting behaviours?

The result was a highly trusting group of people, who could come together and have difficult conversations with positive outcomes.

M7 Westlink

Cultural change and integration of three organisations to achieve common goal

This cultural alignment project was commissioned by the newly-appointed CEO of Westlink M7, A major Sydney toll road. It aimed to create an "Our M7" culture between the three main parties responsible for the successful operation of the toll road: Westlink Services and two major service subcontractors. Following initial briefing meetings and interviews with key executives and team members, Louise and her colleague Rebecca Lazenby (who were, at the time, working as part of the PCI Alliance Services team), developed and ran a series of workshops to forge a team approach.

The workshops covered a range of team development activities, always with a focus on the motorway. The team's pride in the motorway and its desire to improve an already good service provided the focus for creative thinking, newly-aligned ways of working and morale-building across the three organisations.

As the facilitator of change, it has been very satisfying to see the staff from the three organisations become a merged, happy and motivated 'one team'. Simple exercises like drawing and sharing a life story can transform teams. Real operational and financial benefits have resulted - with significant savings and
revenue improvements being identified for the
three organisations. - Louise Silburn