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Building effective teams and strong leaders

Transforming Partnerships:

  • coaches executives and teams to embody new behaviours needed in the organisation
  • facilitates agreement on new structures and processes
  • identifies measures needed to remove obstacles to success.
  • trains team members in communication skills generally and for specific events -eg bid processes

Executive Coaching

Most people who have experienced it know how powerful good executive coaching can be. It can challenge you to set and reach your goals by removing obstacles, helping you work through complex issues and supporting personal change.

We recognise that the executive coaching relationship is very personal – a great coach for me could be the wrong coach for you. What our coaches have in common is that they are all highly regarded in the coaching world. Where they differ provides you with the choice of getting coach for you and your team. Click on Our People, for biographical information of our executive coaches.

Team Coaching

Team coaching is similar. At these sessions the teams set goals, identifies obstacles and agrees changes to make as individuals and a group. In both dysfunctional and well-functioning teams, members are encouraged to observe the group process and understand what is happening in the moment. This helps each member understand how best to support the other and hold each other to account. The coach supports that dynamic and observes what is happening in the group as changes occur.

Generally, team coaching is commissioned for senior teams at executive and board level. It can, however, also benefit operational teams.

"Louise works extremely well developing project delivery teams, particularly in joint venture/alliance projects where team members come from different companies and work cultures. Her methods work well. Louise is well regarded by ... all parties in the project. In my opinion, Louise is now one of the best professional coaches working in our industry." Alliance Leadership Team member.

"In this day and age of informational ubiquity and nanosecond change, teamwork remains the one sustainable competitive advantage that has largely been untapped."

Patrick Lencioni