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Here we describe the bid preparation for a $350m package of work where we coached a diverse team with a bid budget of around $3m. The team included two construction companies working under a joint venture agreement plus four consultants providing services in engineering design and architecture.


The process followed a series of steps which ensured the team developed the lowest bid price they could whilst delivering the best design solution that was safe, environmentally sustainable and met the client’s needs for value for money. Our contribution was to ensure the team:

  • Rapidly moved from forming to high performance
  • Trusted they would be supported at all levels and in each organisation
  • Had a supported project manager
  • Understood the needs of the client
  • Were creative and lateral in their thinking
  • Looked out for each other’s commercial interests

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Bid Coaching

Through bid coaching we:

  • ensure clarity of purpose
  • facilitate decisions regarding team composition and leadership
  • structure the proposal
  • support the writing of the proposal
  • develop a team style and team 'feel' that will persuade interviewers to select your organisation
  • coach and support specialists, who are not used to speaking or presenting in public, to be confident and able to put across their point

Our bid coaching is customised to every situation and is fun, focused and outcome-driven. We are pragmatic about what you can achieve in the time available and authentic in how we develop your people and inspire confidence in them.

Louise is one of the best facilitators both during the bid phase and during the program or project. Key outcomes have been the development of highly motivated high performance teams. Feedback from individuals and teams on projects is always positive.
Director, Urban Growth Consultants

"Coaching bid teams is an intense high-energy process. It's great to work with people who may not know each other well at the beginning of the process but who can later walk into a bid interview confident and aligned."